Younous Omarjee


Younous Omarjee is Chairman of the Committee on Regional Development (REGI) in the European Parliament since 2019 and MEP (The Left, France) since 2012.

He is from the island of La RĂ©union, he is defending the contribution of cohesion policy for European regions and the reduction of economic, social and territorial disparities that is at its core.

His two previous mandates were marked by commitments in favour of the Outermost Regions, the islands, the oceans, the preservation of the environment. His mandates have also been marked by his fight for the rule of law, the fight against corruption, and the defence of a European Public Prosecutor's Office that lives up to citizens' expectations.

Since the beginning of this legislature, as President of the REGI Committee, Younous Omarjee has chaired all the inter-institutional negotiations on the new cohesion policy regulations for the period 2021-2027 (CPR, ERDF, Interreg, CRII, React EU, BAR) and the Just Transition Fund. These instruments will be central to the implementation of the Green Pact for Europe and represent one of its main budgets, financing in particular the energy renovation of public infrastructure and the existing building stock. He is a member of the Alliance for Cohesion and defends an ambitious cohesion policy for the European Union, which he considers a fundamental pillar for the future.