Zakia Khattabi


Zakia Khattabi is the Minister of Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development and Green Deal of Belgium. She was born in Sint-Joost-ten-Node on January 15, 1976. She has a basic training of social worker supplemented by a license in social work.

Professionally, she has taken paths in which she has been able to link insight into our society (through research) with action (first as a militant, then in politics). She was first elected in 2009. During that first legislature, she was leader of the Senate faction. In May 2014 she was elected as a Member of Parliament in the House.
In March 2015, she was elected co-chair of her political party Ecolo, after which she immediately resigned from her position of Member of Parliament because of the ban on cumulation. In May 2019 she was re-elected to the Chamber of Representatives and in October 2020 she later appointed as Minister.