Marek Woźniak


Local/regional politician for three decades. In 2005 he became the President of the Wielkopolska Region and he has continuously held this position for five terms. As the initiator of the Wielkopolska Hydrogen Platform, he emphasises that Wielkopolska wants to be in the vanguard of the European Green Deal.

Vice President of the Board of the Union of Polish Voivodeships since February 2011. In January 2019 he was elected member of the Board of the Union.
A member of the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels since 2006. He participates in the work of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget (COTER).

In April 2008 he took over the position of the Head of the Polish delegation to the European Committee of the Regions and was elected Vice-President of the European Committee of the Regions, which he still holds. He is actively involved in the works of the Bureau of the CoR.
The Vice-President of the Group of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Committee of the Regions from 2010 to 2020 and currently a member of the Group’s Bureau.

Fascinated by the regional history, an ambassador of the legendary Wielkopolska’s diligence, enthusiast of the opportunities offered to Poland and Wielkopolska by the European Union. As the regional President, he points out with satisfaction the constant dynamic development of Wielkopolska, visible not only through high positions in statistics and rankings, but also manifested in the satisfaction of the inhabitants of the region.
For his public activity he was awarded the ‘Knight Cross of the Order of Restitution of Poland’ and the ‘Golden Cross of Merit’ by the President of the Republic of Poland.