Dario Spagnolo


Dario Spagnolo is the CEO of O’clock, the first fully immersive, instructor-led, distance learning web development school, which he created with the desire to democratize digital skills by developing quality professional training and making professional courses accessible to the many, including people living in remote areas, busy mums, young people who are unemployed, and people with disabilities. A personal quest for Dario, who is himself a school dropout.

This venture was made possible by Dario’s significant experience in digital entrepreneurship, having founded his first company in 2004, at the age of 21, a consultancy dedicated to help SMEs bring their web projects to life.

Dario co-founded two other digital professional training schools before bringing together his associates to found O’clock in 2016 : the first coding school using instructor-led distance learning, driven by the belief that a different way of learning is possible, combining both the benefits of face-to-face interaction and remote learning in a fully synchronous way.

Almost 5 years later, Dario and his co-founding partners have won their bet : the school has trained over 3,000 web developers, employs 140 people, and generates an annual revenue of 7 million euros. In 2021, O’clock has also raised 4 million euros to expand its remote training offer for digital jobs. This fundraising will help the company develop its impact and long-term projects.